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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Riak: configure memory_backend

Riak supports several backends:
1. bitcask
2. memory
3. leveldb
4. multi

My recent project required me to use memory backend.  I have a test server with 24GB memory.  I tried to use 4GB as the max_memory.  It seems quite easy at beginning, and I just followed the doc from  I just replace riak_kv_bitcask_backend with riak_kv_memory_backend:

{riak_kv, [
  {storage_backend, riak_kv_memory_backend},
Then I want to see how much data I can load with default configuration.  I loaded a little over 11 million records, then riak crashed.  Then I set max_memory to 4GB to add the following right under {eleveldb ... configuration:

{memory_backend, [
            {max_memory, 4096}, %% 4GB in megabytes
Note that the following is copied from riak's doc.  Then interesting, riak crashed with same number of records (11M+).  I then changed it to 8192, but riak still crashed with the same number of records.  I spent a couple days, and couldn't figure out the reason.  I went to #riak IRC and asked the following question, and those folks were very responsive and solved my problem right away:

[10:30] <zhentao> hi folks, how to configure the max_memory for memory_backend?
[10:30] <@alexmoore> Hi zhentao
[10:30] <zhentao> Hi
[10:30] <zhentao> I added the following to config file:
[10:30] <zhentao> {memory_backend, [              {max_memory, 8192} %% 8GB in megabytes             ]},
[10:31] <zhentao> but it didn't work
[10:31] <@alexmoore> In regards to your earlier question, if you don't specify a max_memory, or a TTL, the memory backend will continue to grow until it runs out of memory.
[10:31] <@alexmoore> Let me look at your config here
[10:31] <zhentao> it seems like that
[10:32] <zhentao> the node crashed after I loaded some data
[10:32] <zhentao> then I specify the max_memory to 8gb, and it still crashed with same amount of data
[10:32] <@alexmoore> How much RAM does the machine have?
[10:33] <sully_> Cluster health seems like it's degrading again.  We're starting to see the same errors as before.
[10:34] <zhentao> 24 GB
[10:34] <sully_> We are planning to add 3 more nodes.
[10:34] <@evanmcc> zhentao: that's 8GB per vnode
[10:34] <@rzezeski> sully_ ok, can you tar.gz the latest log files again, that might allow me to find the cause before it gets rotated out by the logger
[10:34] <@jcaprice> zhentao: did you restart the node after adding the memory constraint?
[10:35] <sully_> Getting you the latest logs.
[10:35] <zhentao> yes, I restarted it
[10:35] <@evanmcc> zhentao: how many nodes, and what is your ring size?
[10:36] <@alexmoore> zhentao, how many physical machines do you have in your cluster, and what is your ring size?
[10:36] <zhentao> it is a test server and just one machine
[10:36] <@jcaprice> ring size?
[10:37] <zhentao> i am new to riak, and where to find th ring size?
[10:37] <@evanmcc> if you didn't set it, it's 64
[10:37] <@alexmoore> In your vm.args file
[10:37] <@evanmcc> so you're limiting memory to 8GB * 64
[10:38] <zhentao> let me check
[10:38] <@evanmcc> alexmoore: it's in app.config under riak_core
[10:38] <@evanmcc> ring_creation_size
[10:38] <@alexmoore> Whoops, make that the app.config
[10:39] <zhentao> it is 64
[10:39] <zhentao> {ring_creation_size, 64},
[10:39] <@evanmcc> so you want to change max memory to 128
[10:39] <@evanmcc> if you want to limit it at 8GB
[10:40] <@jcaprice> zhentao: max_memory limits the amount of memory used per vnode, not for the node itself
[10:40] <zhentao> @jcaprice, so what number I should use for max_memory for my test server?
[10:41] <@evanmcc> 128, like I said above
[10:41] <zhentao> 128 mb?
[10:41] <@evanmcc> yes
[10:41] <@jcaprice> as evanmcc said, you'll want 8192 / 64
[10:41] <zhentao> thx, let me try it
So in  summary, {max_memory, 4096} is for each vnode, not for each machine.  Since I wanted to limit the memory usage for one machine to 4GB, I should use the following:
{max_memory, 64}
The reason is that the ring_creattion_size is 64 which means there are 64 vnodes on my single test server. 
64MB * 64 = 4096MB
After I changed max_memory to 64, riak is happy, and it didn't crash when I tried to load 20MM records.
Some interesting things I noticed:
1. since Riak use LRU for memory_backend, the old records are evicted if max_memory can't hold all records.
2. With the key as "70f21766-1cde-38d4-5920-a380003723b3", and value as "1365720608095#TQB:1.4:2:1", 
4GB memory with 64 vnodes can  hold about 2.5MM records
4GB memory with 4 vnodes can hold about 7MM records
Seems the number of vnodes/machine has big overhead